Friday, August 29, 2014

I wish I were more...

Faithful, but I'm not.

Work just sucks most of everything out of me.  I wouldn't be so complain-y except that I know what it's like to not work for two years.  It was heavenly, just heavenly.  I'm not sure I got a lot more things done, but it felt like I did.  And I just felt more at peace.

Enough whining.

This is what I did take time to make last week  King Arthur Flour's Superfast Strawberry Cobbler.  It's from their 200th Anniversary Cookbook.  Using Namaste Perfect Flour Blend made it gluten-free and is very much like using wheat flour.
I've used this recipe to make every kind of cobbler there is.  This time it was blackberry.  I've also used peaches and raspberries, mixed berries, apricot, and maybe some that I forgot.  I usually double it and tweak the sugar according to the fruits I use.  This time I added more sugar because blackberries are more tart than strawberries.  It's a common recipe that you can find all over the web.  Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Cobbler is a similar recipe, but not exactly the same.

I also made this.  That was a HUGE mistake.  I was trying to make something resembling potatoes that wouldn't raise Jeff's blood sugar.  Well, this is not it.  He took a bite and just couldn't eat the rest.  I tasted it and I agree completely.  It vaguely resembles Hash Brown Casserole, but only vaguely. There are all these recipes on the web that use cauliflower in place of potatoes and now I wonder if they are all that poor a substitute?  This recipe pretty much guarantees I won't be trying any more of them.

Speaking of his blood sugar, he is being almost a saint in his eating habits!  Every once in awhile he veers off, but not often.  We are going to the gym almost every other day, too.  Those two things keep his readings around 90-130, which, for him are almost a miracle.  He wants to eat vast quantities of carbs, mostly pizza and bread, but he does not.  His last MD visit was a turning point because his A1c was 9-something and that was the highest it had ever been.  Something just snapped in his head and now he is on the straight and narrow.

Something else I've been thinking about is Christmas.  With the advent of Pinterest, we are assaulted with DIY everything, which I actually like.  Now, as above to find the time!

Here are some cute projects:
Blue Leaf Headband (knit)
Purl Bee's Receiving Blanket (sew and crochet)
City Gym shorts for All Ages (sew)
Nine Minute Everyday Napkins (sew)
Gnomes (kid project)
Easiest Head Wrap Ever (crochet)


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