Friday, October 15, 2010

A dream realized...

I've wanted an Elna "Grasshopper" sewing machine for several years now. My dad bought one new for my mom when I was born. He sewed me two little sun suits by copying one I already had. He'd never sewn before. I still have those sun suits somewhere. I'll try to find them and post a picture.
I taught myself to sew on my mom's Elna. It only did a straight stitch, but I was able to make a lot of clothes on that little thing.
The accessory box fits right behind the needle and the silver thing folds down.

These items are rare to have with a Grasshopper.

The case becomes a sewing area and the knee control takes the place of a foot pedal.
Now I have a replacement.  I saw it up high in a local sewing shop and asked if it was for sale.  The man said he wasn't sure.  "Tell me what you want to pay and I'll think about it."  I had an idea, but thought it was too low.  I came back a few weeks later and we made a deal.  It was a purely nostalgic purchase, even though it does work quite well.  I may even try to reprise one of those little sun suits...just because.


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