Sunday, May 23, 2010

There's so much in Philly...

It's impossible to see and/or photograph it all.
 A bust of Ben Franklin made of keys donated by schoolchildren.  Keys because of his discovery of electricity.  When you're close to it you can see that they just pressed the keys into the shape because it still looks like it's covered with keys.                                                   Cobblestones made from the ballast of ships bringing supplies to America

       The funny guy who made our cheesesteaks.

The meeting house of the Free Quakers who supported the Revolutionary fighters.  Betsy Ross was one.

The Liberty Bell

The building where the first Congress met.  Get it?  The Lower House and the Upper House because one met on the lower floor and the other met on the upper.  They still call them that today.
                          Independence Hall                                                                    
The Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society
This guy was in the Visitor's Center.  He is in character as the man who ran the first circus in America.  I tried and tried to get him to talk about his real identity, but he was quite serious and never broke his act.  He only cracked a tiny smile once.


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