Thursday, May 6, 2010

Frenchtown, NJ...

A covered bridge on the way.  Almost the entire trip was through a canopy of trees and almost every tree is festooned with poison joke.  It's that thick around here.

We went there this past weekend.  It's little town on the Delaware River that is trying to be touristy.  They are succeeding, but it isn't too far gone yet.  Cyclists come and ride along the river and there are some cute little shops.

It was a peaceful, green drive for us and we ate outside at a tiny restaurant.  The couple who sat next to us were funny and friendly and they had a dog that Bella sniffed at.

A look into the kitchen of the restaurant.  It's hard to see, but these are rock show posters from my era.  There were also framed vinyl record covers from that same time period in the bathroom...The Mothers of Invention, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, Iron Butterfly.  It was obvious that the owner was a heathen sixties hippy who never grew up...

Cute old house.

There is a yarn shop there called The Spinnery but we didn't get a picture of that.  I bought a skein of Romney, I think, and a magazine.
Frenchtown is also the home of the author of Eat, Pray, Love and her husband.  They have a shop called Two Buttons that I visited.  It isn't quaint or old.  It is full of Asian products like buddhas and beads and countless other kitsch.  Because I wasn't interested in that sort of "art" and it was 80F and 88% humidity, I wasn't into it at all.  I just went in to say that I saw the author of Eat, Pray, Love's shop...and I've never even cracked the book.  It has been made into a movie, though.  Maybe I'll see that.


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