Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some things...

I will miss about Pennsylvania.
1.  My hair stays fluffier due to the humidity.  I need it because as you get older, your hair thins.
2.  Places we want to go are generally not very far away.  We save a lot on gas.
3.  We go to a really nice church.  Big, but nice, and it's only a couple of miles away.
4.  I adore the Mennonite Care and Share Shoppes thrift stores.  There are three stores in the same strip mall, one for furniture/appliances, one for clothing and one for everything else.  My favorite is the last one.
5.  The green everywhere and the birds.  There may be more birds because there aren't any cats loose in our complex.
6.  There's Whole Foods and Ikea.  They aren't real close, but I can go if I want and it isn't a full day's drive.
7.  Jomar.  They have huge messy piles of fabric bolts and it's all very cheap.  Again, not close, but not too bad.
8.  Josh's school.  The teachers and principal are all such dedicated educators and genuinely nice people.  They do an excellent job.
That's all for now.  More later...


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