Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nature stinks sometimes...

We have had a pair of mourning doves around our apartment for several months and have enjoyed watching them "bill and coo" and listen to their calls.

They made a nest on a furnace vent of the townhouse next door and I can see it as I sit at my computer every day.

It's a little more difficult now because the trees have leafed out.

Today I went out to take the trash and when I was walking back I saw a large bird fly into the tree right next to the nest.

Not being much of a birder, it took me a few seconds to realize that it was a hawk, not a crow.

Almost the instant I identified it, it flew with great force into the nest and hit the wall then flew away. I knew what had happened.

My husband and I got the ladder and a mirror to look inside the nest. There were feathers and three eggs. A fourth egg was on the ground under the nest.

I'm sure the hawk got at least one of the doves if not both. There were also lots of feathers on the ground for several feet.

It's kind of sad to us because we really enjoyed those two little birds. Circle of life and all that, I guess.


catie said...

If you incubate the eggs their legacy will live on! Poor little dovies.. You need a BB gun.

catie said...

Oh, oh! Or a slingshot.

Best idea EVER.

Julie said...

Unfortunately, it's too late...

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