Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's been a while...

My posting mojo left... Then I told Catie she needs to blog more often. She said so do I. I said I don't do anything that interesting. She said she doesn't either and that's why her posts tend to be infrequent. I find her posts maybe I'll try to start up again.
We went to the Outdoor Expo at our church today. There were zillions of people there! The entire parking lot was full and it is is the church. I don't even know of a church in Idaho that is as big as this one. They did it last year and drew 1000 people. I'm sure this year's attendance greatly surpassed that. I drove by the church about 5:00pm, and it was still as jam-packed as it had been at noon. Of course, I intended to take the camera...and of course I forgot. We did get lots of freebies and I assured Jeff I'd read every piece of printed material I picked up. There are some goodies I'm going to send to the grandchildren, too.
We met a man named F---- who sat with us at lunch. As is my usual custom, I asked him all kinds of personal questions. And as is my victims' usual custom, he answered freely. My manner is quite disarming, I guess. People tell me all kinds of things they wouldn't necessarily tell a therapist. He is a hunter and fisherman, 70, divorced for 23 years, lives alone but has a girlfriend he doesn't always get along with, wants to move out West but doesn't think he can sell all his belongings and is funny. We talked about how short life is and that he should do something crazy (like Jeff and I did) before he keels over. I gave him my phone number in case he's ever in Idaho. I hope he calls. That would be fun.

Yesterday was Josh's 12th birthday. We ordered him a longboard, but it hasn't come yet. He's being very patient. Trucks, bearings, grip tape and ollies are becoming a part of my vocabulary...who knew these things are important?
This is a longboard in action:
They are used for transportation rather than tricks.

Okay, so I posted. Maybe I will again someday...


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