Friday, March 19, 2010


The birds are coming in force the past week. The weather is sunny and beautiful. My computer faces a picture window on the side of our townhouse and there are two large trees out there. I've seen:

Cardinal female

Northern Mockingbird male

American Robin male

Mourning Dove pair

House Finch male

Mind you, I didn't take these pictures, but I wish I had. I married a gorgeous Nikon D-40 camera that makes me a much better photographer than I have ever been, but I still can't seem to sneak up on birds. I once tried to take a picture of the belted kingfisher on the telephone line along highway 19 to Greenleaf, but it was still a speck and I was too far away. Maybe the Nikon will fix that!


Sarah said...

Those are beautiful birds. How fun! I'm afraid all we have here is...crows. I have an idea though-I could dress up the girls in various bird costumes and YOU could chase them around and take pictures. Challenging and fun for the whole family no?
And how is it that you married into an awesome camera and I married into a stinky, bum scooting lab? Hindsight 20/20

Julie said...

Okay, you make the costumes and I'll be glad to chase them... And sorry about the bum thing...

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