Sunday, March 14, 2010

All better today...

I guess I just had the three day plague since I'm fine today. I wonder if I get these colds from the kids at Josh's school? I volunteer there every Tuesday as a hall monitor and I'm sure there are some alien viruses floating around. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger! I shall persevere!
Today was the anniversary of my nativity. We don't speak of the length of my time here on the marble...I just ask for presents...and I got some from some nice people I know.

Jeff got me this antique gravy boat and diamond earrings because he listens to me..

Sarah sent me these ultra-cute little plates. They're only about five inches square and are in brilliant colors that I love.
There were more gifts, but I haven't gotten pictures of them yet. Tomorrow...if I survive the vile perpetration of my enemies called "Daylight Savings Time"... It's dicey.


Jeff said...

Those are so ultra! Like beyond ultra fab, so! I vote we staple them to our cheeks and sing "three little maids are we".

Or not.

Julie said...

You are seriously crazy...but cuddly.

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