Saturday, July 25, 2009


As the departure time draws near, I have less and less time to post...
Went to the Boise Flying M and Proto's with all the kids. We had a splendiferous time like we always do. The comestibles and libations were yummy, the kids watched the guys throwing dough and the baby was very calm and alert most of the evening.
I won't see Lissie again for a month because she's going to McCall tomorrow afternoon. Catie's coming to Old Chicago tomorrow night for my work "kids" going-away thing. Sarah lives next door, so I'll probably wave good-bye to her and the kids Monday morning. It's going to be funny in a bad way not to be able to see all of them whenever we want. Sarah and Lissie were apart from me during at least the first year of their marriages, so now it's my turn, I guess. Catie and Ben will leave for Korea for a year right after their marriage in September. I think it's the way of our family for some weird reason.


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