Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Not everyone has seen our rings. I've tried to right that grievous error all over the internet, but I seem to have missed a few tiny pockets of Luddites here and there. (Where does that put you, hmmm?)
In this picture (see above), you may view them now. It was taken at the Philadelphia airport on May 23, 2009, while I was waiting to board the plane to return to Idaho. Jeff had proposed the day before at Peace Valley Nature Center, a lush, green preserve full of every kind of wild animal and plant...including massive amounts of poison ivy. One cannot veer from the path in Pennsylvania at all or you will be consumed by an allergic reaction to urushiol which you will not soon forget. Sometimes it is even on the path. But I digress...
My ring has microscopic hearts and a serial number lasered on the bottom of the diamond. At least that's what they said at Helzberg's. They could have told me it had The Lord's Prayer on it and I'd probably have believed them. I mean, it sounds great but how many people actually look?
Jeff's ring is made of tungsten carbide. It will never scratch, bend or warp. He likes that as a symbol of our relationship. It will shatter if thrown with enough force against a wall. That's not going to be a problem between us, so I think we're good.
We would have gotten married while I was in PA in May, but who knew how difficult they make it there?! They require his wife's death certificate, my divorce decree, application in person at the courthouse, waiting three days, THEN they mail it to you. We simply didn't have time. So, we wear our rings as though we are man and wife because we can. We like that.


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