Thursday, July 30, 2009

Imaginary friends...

I've been listening to books on CD while driving. The first one was called "Sundays At Tiffany's" and was about a nine year old girl and her imaginary friend, Michael, age 35. Sounds kind of creepy, but it's a lovely tale.
My friends aren't imaginary...
Here are pictures of people who lived in my computer and now live in my heart...sappy, I know, but I genuinely like them and wish we lived just down the street from each other.

The first photo is Jack and his best friend, Hannah. It was taken during our visit a few weeks ago. Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures on Tuesday when we met up again. Jack is a kind, generous and engaging man, the same guy he is on TBD. I predict many more get togethers in our future.

The second image is of Lynda and Julie G. today in Denver. Once again, we had a fantastic time at the Elephant Grill, talking for as long as we could and Julie was late for a phone conference...oops... After Julie G. had to leave, Lynda and I spent several more hours at her house, doing what we do best...talking. Many great truths and wisdom were exchanged between us...

So far, this has been a lovely, leisurely trip...some would call it slow and dawdling, but I don't listen to those voices in my head. I've been gone from Idaho since Tuesday at noon (I planned to leave Monday at eight) and I'm only in Sterling, CO, tonight. I am satisfied with my progress and things are going just the way I want them to--totally random and mostly unprogrammed--a delicious change after years of programmed stress disguised as a way to support myself. It was necessary and I don't regret anything, especially the people I've met. I'm just reveling in unbridled freedom at the moment.


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